There are over 140 flags in the collection of Memorial Hall, most of which are from Louisiana regiments. Many restored flags are always on display. Notable examples include the flag that adorned the coffin of Confederate president Jefferson Davis, that of the Washington Artillery, famed artillery unit of New Orleans, the First Florida Infantry …more

Personal Items

More than anything else, the personal items of Civil War soldiers come with often the most poignant stories. A set of field eating utensils inscribed “For a Good Boy,” a sewing kit called a “housewife” made to resemble a First National pattern Confederate Flag, …more


The Civil War was fought as weaponry and tactics were evolving. Rifled cannon and rifled muskets, capable of sending their deadly projectiles farther and faster while inflicting maximum damage, were improvements over smoothbore arms. Many swords, especially those made in New Orleans were …more


There was a vast difference between uniforms in the Confederate Armies during the Civll War. Officers uniforms were often ornate and tailor-made while enlisted men’s uniforms were plain and made from varying fabrics. Some were imported while others were distributed by one of several depots, an abrasive jean cloth being the most common. Colors were anything but uniform by war’s end and …more