Memorial Hall Exhibits


Memorial Hall houses one of the largest collections of Civil War memorabilia in existence. The vast collection includes over one hundred Confederate flags, a large array of military uniforms, and numerous rare Louisiana made swords and guns. Many of the items were donated to the museum by the soldier who used them or his immediate family.

On display are personal effects of Robert E. Lee, P.G.T. Beauregard, Braxton Bragg, Franklin Gardner, and President Jefferson Davis. Items used by famous units such as the renowned Washington Artillery and The Louisiana Tigers are also displayed. Thousands of items used by the common soldier make up a sizable portion of the collection.

Permanent displays grace the Main Hall and the Annex features changing exhibits.

Current Annex Exhibit:

The Will to Fight

Memorial Hall’s latest exhibit pieces together the world of the common soldier, around the human characteristic, so boldly evident among those who wore both gray and blue—The Will to Fight. The exhibit examines what brought the nation apart and what brought the soldiers together in purpose. Several display cases examine the uniforms, equipment, medical practices, weapons, leisure activity and religious practices of the soldier on the battlefield. They are basic in nature and feature items from the collection. For example, while the museum has a plethora of Civil War era weaponry, the only items displayed are a Colt revolver, a Sharps Carbine, and a single Enfield rifle. While we also possess numerous swords of various makers and styles, only an NCO sword and Cavalry sabre are the representative pieces on display within this exhibit.  This exhibit will answer many questions, especially from patrons unschooled in American history.

The Annex is a place where special exhibits can be presented without distracting from the Main Hall, where mainly Confederate memorabilia remains the dominant theme.

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