Reproduction “Stork” Scissors


Reproduction Stork Scissors

The Stork  Scissors are a perfect blend of stunning looks and great functionality. With elegantly curved gold-plated handles, fine pointed tips and nickel-plated blades, these scissors are a crafter’s delight. Exclusively designed for detailed embroidery crafts, their razor sharp precision edges can cut threads in a flash.

Product Description


You have probably seen a pair of stork embroidery scissors in your grandmother’s sewing basket or in antique stores. The pattern seems to be timeless. It is probably the most popular pattern of scissors sold today. We started wondering why…Is it because we love birds? Or is the nature-theme just “cute”? Where did the “stork” theme come from?

Mythology and folklore going back to Ancient Greece, Egypt, Biblical times, and Chinese dynasties all connect the nesting, protective, graceful characteristics of storks with motherhood, babies, and deeper beliefs of things like “transporting souls”. Cartoons, greeting cards, and children’s books today continue to show storks delivering newborns to happy parents. Most of us see a stork image and immediately think of babies.

The original stork scissors were not actually scissors, but clamps used by midwives in the 1800’s to tie off the umbilical cord after a woman gave birth. The original beaks were offset, rather than straight, rounded instead of pointed, and the blades were dull, not for cutting fabric.

Midwives often did needlework in their spare time and kept their medical tools handy in their sewing baskets. Many have found these odd looking storks mixed in the contents of antique sewing baskets. Over time, the storks morphed into the scissors we know and love today.

Stork scissors seem to be creative connection from century to century. The theme embraces the past and today’s manufacturing makes them refined for our times.

Did your grandmother have a pair of stork scissors? Do you have a pair?


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