Garnet Gemstone Necklace and Matching Earrings


The Garnet signifies trust, lifelong friendship, loyalty, and passion, this January birthstone is most commonly seen in a dark red. The garnet is so resistant that it is seen throughout history. The Egyptians referred to this gem as the symbol of life. Some ancient cultures placed the garnet directly into wounds to activate its alleged healing powers. The name “garnet” comes from the Latin word Garanatus which meaning “seed like.” A reference to the garnet’s likeness to the pomegranate.

Product Description

Garnet Gemstone Necklace

14/10 Oval Gemstone,

Antiqued Brass Chain, Setting, and Lily of the Valley Connector.

18” Chain with 2.5” Extension Faceted Czech Glass Beads on Chain.

Each stone is a hand worked lapidary item, so no two are exactly the same, but that is also the charm of the stone.

Earrings: Antiqued Brass Setting, Garnet Gemstones

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Silver Plated Brass, Antiqued Brass


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