5th Company, Battalion Washington Artillery Ball Cap






The Washington Artillery of New Orleans was regarded as one of the premiere volunteer artillery units, having organized in 1838 in the state militia.

The 5th Company was transferred to Confederate service on March 6, 1862 and was assigned to General J. P. Anderson’s Brigade. During the Battle of Shiloh, April 6, the battery played a key role by driving the Federals from their camps and bombarding the enemy in the Hornet’s Nest area. The company was active in the Kentucky Campaign and in the Battle of Murfreesboro. It later participated in the campaigns of the Army of Tennessee, from Chickamauga to Nashville and in 1865 shared the defense at Mobile, firing the last shot at Spanish Fort. The Battery was led back to New Orleans by Captain Cuthbert H. Slocomb.

The first flag used by the 5th Company Washington Artillery was a battle flag, designed by General P. G. T. Beauregard; it was the very first battle flag and was given to Colonel J. B. Walton, who in turn presented it to the 5th Company. The flag displayed replaced Beauregard’s battle flag and was used by the 5th Company after the Battle of Perryville. This was due to General Bragg’s order to the Army of Tennessee to use the “Hardee Pattern” flag to signify unit designation.

The statistics of the 5th Company are impressive. There were 380 men that served during the war, forty-three were killed in battle or died of wounds. Additionally, six men died of disease and one by accident. One hundred- thirty men were present at the time of the surrender.

The 5th Company was in service for 1,165 days. They were engaged in battle or under fire for 121 days and 77 nights. The battery fired 5,906 rounds of ammunition, marched 3,285 miles and traveled 2,939 miles by train.

The commander of the 5th Company was Captain W. Irving Hodgson, who resigned and was replaced by Captain Cuthbert H. Slocomb.

The unique “Silver Moon” flag was designed by General William H. Hardee and was carried by all regiments of his division.

This Flag is part of the Confederate Flag Collection of Confederate Memorial Hall.



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6-panel, Low-profile

Four-row stitching on visor

3 1/8″ crown


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Antique brass buckle closure


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